First of all, thank you for coming this far. It may seem cliché, but it is true that we are glad for your visit. Well, to be honest, more than happy, we are surprised that you ended up on these pages. When you start sailing, you never know in which infected place you may end up.

In one way or another, we have been on the network since January 98 and they have not yet fired us, which can be interpreted as a symbol of the times. This one you are seeing is the June 99 update, which represents a total restructuring of our image on the network. Just so you know, curious.

Some of the drawings and texts that appear on this website are duly registered by their authors and registered in the Intellectual Property Registry, which we communicate for the appropriate purposes. You are warned.
At the end of each page it appears duly noted, although if you have any questions, write to us. Most of the remaining material on these pages, however, is freely distributed.

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We don't know where you come from (lie, we'll look at the statistics) but we want to suggest where you can go. Here are the different fragments that make up our pages, which, by the way, are constantly updated or at least that is what we intend. Anyway, click and enjoy.

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