The artistic manifestations that emerge from ArteSonado are many. We could highlight a few here that are the result of our constant dedication, but we are afraid to leave some of them undeservedly forgotten. It is enough to name the latest contribution to the world of contemporary art: flower wallpaper, awarded in numerous international competitions. Unlike the majority of current artists, we openly recognize the plagiarism and recycling of a large part of the artistic heritage, in many cases, for profit. That's why you'll never see us in any modern design retrospective. Pity. Their loss.


Basically we don't do what we stop doing. That is, everything that is not included in the previous section. To simplify the reader's work, we could summarize it in the premise of not taking a stab at the competition, since it does not exist. This is one more example of our unbeatable situation in the Olympus of design. We were gifted students and we will be retarded teachers. There are some who are the opposite, but in order not to create confusion we act as if we were all different, that is, equal. I'm afraid this last paragraph is not very clear despite my strenuous efforts to the contrary. What are you going to do.


Well, what we do, we do like everyone else. Why are we going to fool ourselves? We work chaotically, at the wrong time and guided by our creative instinct. From there to getting your tastes right, there is an abyss, but it is what it is. If you are not satisfied with our work, do not doubt that we have dedicated energy and time to it. Although if you think about it carefully and weigh what it cost you, we could call it an artistic bargain. In any case, we can provide you with a list of creators that you will surely like.


Nothing. This short word perfectly summarizes our highest aspiration in life. The ideal would be to get up in the morning and spend a large part of the day thinking about which hand we scratched with today. Meanwhile we are pulling the car, both as a group and individually. Of course we are not going to judge here the activities carried out outside the collective by its components. Any activity is legal if it allows you to make ends meet comfortably. The State Security Forces monitor our movements. We are warned


As long as there are people who dedicate themselves to creating methacrylate furniture, souvenir porcelain figurines, plastic flamingos for above the TV and other demonic gadgets, ArteSonado will be on the front lines of the fight. A look at the current artistic scene is enough to instill new spirits in our work. We will not give up in our efforts. We will be inflexible with everything we hate, but always with courtesy and good manners.